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Staining the kitchen cabinets

I put the guest bathroom back together, decorated and closed the door.  But I wasn't really happy with the cabinetry and hadn't really decided on the mirror replacement.  My designer daughter in law came to pick up the little grands and encouraged me to go forward with refinishing the cabinetry.  We made a trip to Home Depot, checked out the cabinets and found what I dreamed about a possible project.  We bought the supplies and got down to stripping the old and staining with the new.  All I can say is she definitely guided me the right direction.  I like it so much that after she left I took out the little accent table and took down the wall shelf and they are now sitting on the patio work station with the first coat of stain.  I finally feel room 2 of the One Year Project is done.
The patio work station.  Yes, the "Off" is absolutely necessary!

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