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Polka dot party

It's graduation time and that means party time!  The big girl grand graduated from High School this year so her mom put together a fun polka dot themed party.  She included her chocolate covered mortar board hats that are like a delicious s'more cookie.  Take a look and sign the guest book... lol.
Polka dot table cloth is a flat sheet, napkins are another sheet cut in squares and hemmed.
Strawberries dipped in white and milk chocolate with colored sprinkles.
A variety of candies that simulate "dots"

Mortar Board hats are chocolate dipped graham cracker on chocolate dipped marshmallows with icing tassels piped on.
Pretzel sticks dipped in white and milk chocolate, rolled in colored sprinkles.
The cake is a confetti cake mix (Betty Crocker) with butter cream icing.  The trifle is made from the cake top trimmings layered between cherry pie filling (more dots) and whipped cream.


  1. This entire spread is spectacularly festive, but those mortar boards are absolutely adorable! And congrats to the grand.

    1. Thanks so much for your kind comments. i heart u.


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