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DIY table refinished

I've had this little side table for a long time.  The finish was overdue some attention.  With the completion of the guest bath [visit the One Year Project page] and my new found color for the cabinetry, I sanded and stained the table to match.  Oh my goodness... it is amazing what a little attention makes!

the before and after
Tools needed: 
 Minwax Poly Shades Stain & Polyurethan 1 step (I bought mine at Home Depot)
2 sheets Sandpaper in a rough grit and a fine grit.
Cotton rags (I used old bath towels)
Good quality paint brush

First the table was sanded with a rough 80 grit sandpaper to remove the little finish that was on it.  Second a finer grit 220 sandpaper was used to give a smooth, fine finish.
Once I was happy with the sanding, which on this little table took about 2 hours, I dusted and wiped it down to ensure no sandy grit was left on the table.
Next I used Minwax Poly Shades Stain & Polyurethane in 1 step to paint on a light even coat.  The color in this project is Espresso Satin.  Wait 6 hours before applying the second coat.  The deep brown finish is perfect with only 2 coats and a second 6 hour drying time wait.  I replaced the silver knob that came with it and moved it indoors. This was not a hard project and I would recommend any ammeture to go with it!  Skill level on a 1-10 scale... about a 3. 

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  1. Impressive! I wish I had your handiness.

    1. I am a DIY kind of girl. The easiest projects are the ones that just need paint.


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