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From a low angle

From a low angle.
Pun not intended.

I had lunch today with 3 work buddies for the last time.  I'm not sad about retiring or leaving my job but I felt a little seperation anxiety when my carpool buddy finished her last day for the summer today and left.  We've been riding together for 5 years.  I've enjoyed hashing over our daily lives each morning and afternoon and that...I will miss.

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  1. When you've been blessed enough to have colleagues that you can really connect with, it makes work so much better, and then, ultimately, harder to leave. Thank goodness there are so many ways these days to help stay connected.

    And, btw, you're making me jealous with all this eating out. Chili's yesterday, Logan's today, yum! (And, I *LOVE* those rolls at Logan's.)


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