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An Ending for the Beginning

The alarm rang, I opened my eyes and smiled.  Nary a curse word passed my thoughts or lips at the intrusive sound bringing me out of sleep.  Excitement filled me and I rose, dressed and had a cup of coffee before joyfully taking the last commute to work. 

The time clock seemed to grin at me when I slid my card to mark the last work day.  The day passed quickly as a few friends called, e-mailed and texted well wishes.  The co workers I would leave behind asked pertinent questions so they can carry on when I'm gone.  I wrote a final farewell message to the faculty I wouldn't see again, gave some bye hugs, got in my car and laughed out loud.  I felt like a freed bird.  

I danced a jig and twirled about when I entered my back door and was greeted by my husband and the big girl grand.  They enjoyed the moment with me.  BG grand and I did a little shopping and spent some time walking by the lake taking fun photo's.  My daughter joined the three of us for dinner at a local restaurant by the lake. The evening breeze on the patio cooled us as we enjoyed the sunset marking my last day before retirement.  It was a good day.

Today I woke to the sound of thunder and gentle rain instead of an alarm clock.  Again, I smiled.  After a leisurely cup of coffee I drove to a spot with an Eastern view over the lake.  The rain and clouds parted long enough to give me the sunrise view I have planned to witness on the first day of my retirement.  It symbolizes for me the beginning of the best part of my life.  It was glorious.


  1. Congrats on your next big adventures!

  2. Congratulations on beginning the next part of your life. So glad the weather cooperated enough to give you that sunrise view.

  3. Thanks JoAnn. I'm ecstatic you stopped by and left a comment!


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