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A personal view of your own personality is probably not the same as someone else's view but I posted my "photo a day" like this because I pretty much believe everyone knows me for who I am.  An open book.  I don't hide my feelings well, don't lie well, am empathetic, observant, love to find the humor in everything and I hate to admit it in black and white, but a bit OCD.


  1. haha, writing a blog was on your bucket list, love it. shhh, I'm a little OCD sometimes myself. (My husband would be laughing at my inclusion of the word, sometimes) lol
    Thanks for your comment on my blog. I'm now following yours too.

  2. This is a great personality trait, and one I like to think that I mostly share. Except for the OCD part; I am far too disorganized and occasionally erratic to be O/C about much of anything!

    And, btw, I like the idea of blogging being on the bucket list, and I like to see people getting to check things off.

    1. Love your comments. I'm getting that warm fuzzy feeling.


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