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One day 5/15/12

Saw a little challenge to record in photo's one day in particular.  5/15/12.  Though I wasn't interested in entering my day in the challenge, I did think I'd like to have a "before retirement"  collage and perhaps in a few months record a "retired" day. 

This day began with the alarm at 6:14 AM.  I don't know why it's at 6:14.  I know it's odd, I think I just got lazy pushing that little button so many times!  After my morning shower & dressing I had coffee and toast with jam.  I love Smucker's apricot jam, it's so good.  After I rolled out the trash bin I noticed my dirty car but got in without spraying it down anyway. Sometimes I pull the water hose out to the drive and give it a quick pressure spray to get rid of the bugs, dust and bird partying evidence.  But not today, guess I was ready to hit the 30 minute commute to work.  I did pay close attention to the gas prices on the way today, I'll need to gas up tomorrow.

As always I clocked in at the school where I work and settled in to my desk area.  I am a school secretary at an alternative campus.   It was a pretty calm day with lots of reports and plenty of paper work to process.

An uneventful drive home and a quick stop by Sonic to pick up a "ready to eat" supper preceded my evening ritual of a little TV while I blog and check in FaceBook.  Attended to some regular household chores too boring to photograph then I decided to drive over to the lake and watch the sunset.  I thought the evening news said there would be a solar eclipse that might be partially visible in my area as the sun set.  Hubs told me when I got back I was wrong about the date, I'll have to check out the sunset again on Sunday.  But you know, that's okay, I enjoy a pretty sunset - even without a specific reason to watch it!


  1. I heard about that project, but not until after the date had passed. Still, one of these days I might chronicle a typical day, just because.

    But my favorite part of your day? The stop at Sonic. I've been working on losing weight for about a year and a half now, so I don't visit Sonic nearly as often as I used to, but I still love them lots!

    1. I too am working on the weight thing. It comes off about 1 pound a month, and at my anual physical this month I received kuddos from my doctor for the weight, sugar count and colesterol. So, an occasional Sonic must be okay!


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