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I was slow to be inspired for today's Fat Mum Slim's photo a day challenge.  The challenge was kitchen.  My kitchen itself is nothing special being a tract home where almost every other house is the same.  I thought about it all day, when suddenly my favorite collections caught my eye.  The potato mashers.  For such a simple tool they are lovely works of art used in almost every kitchen. 

I like the wide variety of potato mashers around.  I like the different patterns in the wire and shapes of handles.  I have some favorites though.  The ones that came from the kitchens of people special to me.  They stand together displayed in a special spot in my kitchen. My mom's with all the paint worn off and her name written on it herself.  Her mother's that I watched as she made creamy mashed potatoes.  The one with a warped handle that I took from my uncle Lynn's few days after he passed away.  My Aunt June's, she brought it to me one Christmas because she knew I was collecting them.  Several elaborately twisted wire ones and an all metal one that hubs found at antique stores and bought for me.  I love them all.  When I hold the tools of the people I knew and even the people I didn't know in my hand, I feel a strange closeness to them.  Their aura lingers and I marvel at the meals they must have prepared with these tools.


  1. I love your mashers! I have some old kitchen tools hanging on one of my walls.
    Thanks for your nice comment on my blog as well.

  2. Makes me feel kind of bad that all I have is a utilitarian plastic thing. Sure, it smashes just fine, but there's no history!

    1. Ah, but there will be history if you keep it long enough! I'd love to see it.


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