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Putting inspiration label on anyone is pressure.  To be inspired by anyone means to desire to be like them or to be better than you are or to reach for higher goals because that person makes you want more.  I believe everyone I come in contact inspires me in one way or another.  A casual meeting with a total stranger has inspired me by the simple grace in their walk or friendly smile in their greeting.  I get inspired by a fleeting reminder of people passed on or simply out of sight,  a "not so inspiring" scene or personal action. I guess it's the "pay it forward" theory.

My "better than I am": inspiration list for today only starts something like this:  Jehovah God, Jesus, hubs, Christi, Hailee, Frances, Allen who expected the most from me, Chantell (what a patient advisor), Donna, Mike, Marcie who can make me smile just thinking about the light side of things, talented Colleen, sweet Kaitlin, Brenda, Fat Mum Slim, Oprah, that pleasant man who opened the door at lunch, the payroll clerk who did not make me feel dumb & make a correction, the student who told me he couldn't stay awake in class because he worked his second job until 6:00 AM and came to school on time anyway today, my son who loves people, my single parent grandson, Wynell because I see her in the mirror in the morning,  Billye (love my new painting), Barry who can make something from nothing, JoAnn is brilliant, Karla, Pam and many many others.

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