Home is where my childhood is. |For what it's worth

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Home is where my childhood is.

My favorite place is home.  The home where my childhood is.  It is a farm in the lower portion of the Texas panhandle where wheat ruffles in waves late spring, cotton spills along the roads in late fall and the wind blows all the time! 

It is a place I love sharing with my children, grandchildren and great grandchild.  We feed the animals, marvel at horny toads, collect rocks, watch for night owls, see bats darting for insects, and learn to beware of rattle snakes.   It's where I learned where food comes from, to respect my elders, be kind to others, and cherish my family.  It is where my siblings and our families gather for holidays, birthdays, rodeos and for no reason other than we just like being there.  Is is my favorite place.

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  1. What a lovely post...it's just how we should feel about home! Thanks so much for stopping by my linens post!


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