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Habitual Organizer

Admittedly, I like to organize and sort things.  Even as I wake up in the morning I start planning "whatever it is I need to do", I will surely see a better way to do "whatever it is I need to do" and change it around.   I have a lot of lists and I keep them up to date.  The virtual lists on my computer screens are the best.  No paper waste and easy to update.  There is a virtual list of seasonal, monthly, weekly, daily cleaning chores, shopping lists, reminders specific to the day, menus, calorie counting chart, home improvement needs, long range goals, photo challenges, and I'm sure a few others.  My Pinterest boards- they are really a way for me to feed my addiction to organizing.

When I read that paragraph, I thought, whew- I'll probably be one of those old people that starts leaving notes in hidden places as my memory fades and when I find the note, I will probably think - I need to move that to an easier place to see.  Ha. 

The funny thing about this post is that I feel an urgent need to leave a list for you to see.  Today's list and sticky notes look like this:

  • Make the bed
  • Spray bleach in shower.
  • Clean toilet.
  • Pack lunch & snacks for day.
  • Water outside pot plants.
 Go to work. New lists at work...return home  (this isn't on the home list, just felt compelled to tell you this)
  • Call Mom
  • wash a load of laundry
  • Sweep kitchen & den
  • Sanitize kitchen counter, sink, stove, fridge front
  • Empty trash cans.
  • Cut back roses by the gate
post script... I went back and reordered the list and changed the font.  I may need counseling...

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