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Good bug or bad bug?

I searched the Internet for quite a while looking for this bug.  My daughter in law was gardening and texted the photo to me to find out if it is a good bug or bad bug and how to get it away from her house and vegetable garden.  We wanted to believe it was a lady bug, but the back was solid and not separated like lady bugs.  We then thought it was a type of beetle, but just didn't know.

I didn't recognize it as any bug I knew, so sent the photo to a science teacher where I work.  Meanwhile she and I decided the removal could take place by using a clean shop vac and nylon hose (panty hose).  They can be vacuumed up into the nylon and set free someplace else.

As it turns out they are a true bug, possibly a stink bug nymph.  My science teacher friend found them on the Internet and sent this link.

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