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DIY Paper Stars

Paper Stars by my work buddy Brenda.  She made these for our Cinco De Mayo luncheon, but they will work for Memorial Day and July 4th Stars too!
Tools: paper, scissors, tape, stapler.
1.       Cut 6 equal squares of paper.  In this demo we are using color copy paper. 

2.       Fold into triangle and trim off excess
3.       Fold into smaller triangle
4.       Make 3 cuts from 1st fold ALMOST to 2nd fold.  This was the trickiest part.  It was easier for me to cut the first slit paralell to the unfolded edges.

5.       Open square out flat.
6.       Tape opposite corners of smallest cuts (now looks like a small square in center) together
7.       Flip paper over and tape next set of corners together
8.       Flip and tape next set till all are done.  They look like spirals.
9.       Do this to all 6 original squares of paper.
10.   Staple outside taped pieces together to form a garland of spirals.
11.  Staple the end of the garland spirals together to form a circle of spirals.
12.   Lay it on table with center points together.  You can see the star now.
12.   Staple the center points together with one staple.
13.   Done!


  1. These are lovely with 2-sided origami paper! We are making them into snowflakes to hang off our loft with garland and lights!!

  2. These are just lovely! We are using 2-sided origami paper to create snowflakes to hang with garland and lights from our loft!!


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