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The Younger Me

When I was a little girl I remember being loved, happy, comfortable and trusted.  I grew up in the country, the oldest of 4.  There are lots of memories with my siblings.  My bother just younger than me was and still is the adventurer and creator of things to do (or get into!)

He is younger but much wiser than me.  I'd never have discovered the little pond with giant sand rocks to carve our names into or the culvert we could walk through to get to the other side of a busy truck traveled highway or walked down the sandy path of a dry creek bed on the other side of that highway and certainly would not have figured out to slide off a low shed roof, tag baby pigs then scramble up a rickety fence before the momma sow could get us!

Several years later there came a sister.  She became my best friend and still is to this day.  When I take too much comfort in keeping to myself, she brings me out.  If she or I are feeling blue, it only takes a call and the sound of our voices to change blue to bright and sunny.

The baby brother is eleven years younger.  When I got my immunizations to start college, he got his to start 1st grade.  That always makes me laugh.  Well, not that much, we were the last year of kids that had to get a small pox vaccine.  While I ran fever and grew a little blister from it, his didn't do anything and he spent his time jumping on the bed!

I think I must have been a little shy, but talkative to those that know me.  One of my Dad's relatives likes to re-tell a story about me every time I see him.  According to him, he had a flat tire while visiting us.  He was becoming agitated in the summer heat that he could not loosen the lug nuts on the tire.  He struggled vainly for quite some time until I (age about 3 or 4, who had been sitting quietly observing) said in a matter of fact voice, "why don't you turn it the other way?"  It worked.

I still like to observe and problem solve.

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