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A Very old cemetery

4/30 The last day for the April photo a day challenges.  Something that makes me sad.  This historical cemetery is in the town where I have lived for over 30 years.  The cemetery was just a rumor for years until a developer purchased the tract of land where it sat and built houses around it.  I have driven past it many many times.  It took a photo challenge to get me to stop and try to visit.  It is a sad place, but it really made me sad to find it is pad locked with a tall chain link fence-barb wire across the top to - as a sign on the gate states "keep it protected and safe" from vandals.  Vandals.  That really really saddens me that there are people that think it is okay to desecrate our history and ancestors.

So, sadly, I read the historical marker through the fence and took photos from the outer boundaries.  Some of these people bear my maiden name with dates as far back as the 1800's.  At least the markers of where they rest are protected.
A bit difficult to read, taken through the fence several yards away.
Says: Bridges settlement, names for the W. A. Bridges family and reportedly the oldest in Denton County, began 1843 and was a center of activity of the Peters Colony.  This cemetery, on land granted to Bridges in 1850, dates to 1855.  Although illegible stones may be slightly older, site of the burials of the Bridges and ___family immigrant families..were document graves of family, children and Civil War Soldiers deeded to the county by _._). and Sallie Bridges in ____, the cemetery contains over one hundred sandstone and granite markers.  (blanks indicate words I couldn't see)

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