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Sunset on the Farm

I know many of you out there feel very proud and grateful for your families.  Me too.  I cannot believe how fortunate I am that the Lord gave such a beautiful life and such a big loving family to me.  Particularly today I am focused on my dad's family.  He was the second of 11 children.  When there are that many children in a family, there are a lot of grandchildren and great grandchildren... Well, you get the idea.  We're a big group.  You should see the Christmas tree and piles of packages that keep us from all being in the room at the same time!

Some of the fabulous advantages include big celebrations for everything, lots of hand me downs and in our case-a family farm that has seen eight generations enjoy its bounty.  This Easter we met for our annual egg hunt in the usual wooded spot on the "Family Farm".  We refer to it as that because with so many heirs and all with such strong ties to the place, it remains undivided since my grandfather took his portion to farm.   It was a lovely day with lots of laughing and story telling and finally kids racing through the woods finding eggs and treasures.  The day wound down close to sunset and one last look down the hill gave me one more moment to ponder on the gift of family.  I miss the many who aren't there anymore and relish the fact my children and grandchildren and even one great grand child, get to share some of it with me. That sunset is the one I posted on the photo a day April challenge

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