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Snowman play

Last winter my 4 yr old grand was here during a light snow.  The snow wasn't the good snowman making kind, but we managed to make a few little fellows grouped together on the patio table.  She thought they looked like they were waiting for birds to come have a picnic.  So I gave her some plates and plastic utensils to set the bird picnic up.  She put a handful of birdseed on the plates and we delighted together as birds came to eat.  Later as we sat in my home office she asked for another snowman on the window sill.  So we opened the window and made a little fellow that fell against the window as we closed it.  She played most of the afternoon setting up different scenes on the window sill.  My favorite was the little battery operated candle that gave the appearance he was tying to get warm through the window pane.  That's the one I posted on 4/10 Cold- photo a day. Here are a couple of others from that day.
I have bird friends and we'd like to come in to warm up?
We put out a bird feast, just waiting for the party to start!

Would you like to play?
Awe, you're cute!

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