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People make me happy

There are many people in my life that make me happy.  To even try to list them would be a task I doubt I could complete! Many of my biggest joys comes from family.  In today's photo challenge (tab at the top of the page) I was to photograph someone who makes me happy.  I perused through some photographs on my camera and spent a very enjoyable morning remembering and laughing at moments captured on film.  That's when it hit me - I can't choose one person that makes me happy - only a little happy collage would work.  I hope you will take a peek at some of my happy moments with the people closest to me.

Blue/white/and red tongue was at an annual family July 4th fish fry. One of my cousins placed cupcakes everywhere you can imagine that inspired a cupcake photo challenge.  This one shows 2 of 3 cupcakes.  Guess what happened to the third one... 

Cotton candy blue tongue was at a high school football game.  My daughter loves-I mean loves! cotton candy.  It gives her a sugar high in which she usually shares the color of her tongue to everyone who will look her way! 

Uncle Sam is just funny.

Mustache girls at a family birthday party got a photo shop make over that I really like.  These two girls make me happy all the time.

Crossing bridges at a park was a special day I still cherish.

Giant snow angel after the 2010 Texas Christmas blizzard that left several of my family stranded at his house for a couple of days following a long 8 hour traffic nightmare turned into a snow party.

Party down at my mom's 80th birthday with my sibling/best friends, and cammo dudes at a family Halloween party.  Oh, did I mention, we like to party too?  There are many more people who make me happy and some fun stories to go with them.  Perhaps I'll share some in the future.

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