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Colour me 5

How to have a Colour party!

When you get great people together with great ideas, you get a great party!  This party was in honor of my "almost" 5 gran turning full fledged 5 years old.  The theme was COLOUR! AND LOTS OF IT.  There were rainbow streamers, colorful fairy wings, cherry red lady bug appetizers, watermelon hedgehog, bright drawings, rainbow cupcake pinata, ginger ale over rainbow ice, bright colour butterfly craft and rainbow cake.  Kudoos to Pinterest inspirations.
rainbow cowgirl & fairy
crafting foam board butterflies

Everybody loves a lady bug picnic.  These not only look good, but taste good too!
Pinterest inspired:
Cute little hedgehog
inspired by:

Ginger ale over Cool aide ice in mason jars by Colleen
and a Rainbow Cake by Suzie!

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