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Breakfast serenade

I really enjoy spring in Texas.  I took time to have breakfast on the patio this morning and listen to a Mockingbird sing.  The mockingbird is the Texas state bird, a simple looking gray bird with distinctive white tips on the wings and tail, but it's song is a lovely mimic of other bird songs strung together in medley. I drifted away in thought sipping coffee and eating a cheese toast while he sang accompanied by the water fountain and the occasional chirps of house wrens and cooing of dove.  Too soon I snapped back to the present when my carpool pulled up in front and I left that serenity for another busy day at work.

This water feature was put together by my hubs
using an antique water pump and plastic replica wine barrell.


  1. Hi there ! Love the pic.

  2. Thanks for stoppiing by. I took a journey to your blog and really like the set up. Your baby is precious!


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