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10 things to do if you're stuck in traffic

I don't like traffic or commuting.  I don't really know anyone who does!  Shortly after I posted my photo a day-April "Something I don't like", a FB friend posted she was stopped in traffic for 30 minutes, why do I drive 24 miles to work and back every day?  I quickly responded, "because you don't have wings". 

Then I thought, what can you do to battle the traffic blues that's not offensive or embarrasing if you realize you know that person in the next car?

 10 things to do if you're not moving forward - or backward for that matter!
  1. Put it in park and turn off the motor
  2. Call in to work to let them know you're going to be late
  3. Savor your morning coffee
  4. Check your lipstick, wipe it off your teeth while you're at it
  5. Exercise the muscles in your face (look away from that person you think might know you)
  6. Tap out Morris code messages on the steering wheel
  7. Snap pictures (of yourself, the car behind you, beside you, in front of you, the sky, inside your car...) you can always use these to prove to your boss you really were stuck!
  8. Clean out your purse
  9. Pick up the trash in your car
  10. Crank up the radio, roll down the windows and sing as loud as you can (everybody else probably have their windows UP, radios cranked up, and can't hear you)
  11. Count your blessings, you could be the person causing the whole mess

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