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Gnome home

This cute little guy moved in over the weekend.  He settled in right next to a welcome mushroom.  I have also seen something that appears to be a fairy door at the base of a tree.  I'm hesitant to take a photo just yet for fear I could frighten away the fairy before it settles in.  I do love fairies and am quite excited that they are finally appearing in my garden.  Just goes to show patience pays off!

It looks like spring is trying to take over the winter woes, as my sage is blooming it's brilliant red blooms and dandelions have been rearing their heads.  I hope this cold front doesn't bite the plants too badly and I also hope I'm able to toss about some wild flower seeds by next week.


  1. I am eager for Spring to arrive as well!
    Thanks for stopping by, glad you enjoy the Angry Birds Activity.

    Ooooh those word verifications for posting comments give me fits!!!!!

  2. so cute ! I need some mushrooms for our fairy garden ! Steph

    1. I found these cute little mushrooms at Dollar General Stiore.


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