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Bucket of Ashes in the Garden

Hubs cleaned out the fireplace this week.  There was a pretty big bucket of ashes to dispose of.  He spread them in the Iris & rose beds.  Sometime later I stumbled upon a blog in Pinterest about using ashes and am delighted to read it also deters slugs. Wood Ashes in the Garden  The same author uses vinegar to kill weeds.  It's a nice sunny (although a little cool) day so I tested out this method on my rock path. I only had about 1/2 quart of vinegar but the weeds I poured it on last night are brown today, so I  bought 2 more gallons and covered the rest.  Fabulous!

surprise!  Baby Sedum propogated all by itself.
Hubs also dug up an old tree stump and started burning it in the fire pit.  While he was doing that I raked out most of the beds.  I was excited to find the sedum that I was distraught over being broken down last summer has rooted dozens of little plants.  They are such a pretty sight to find under the dry winter leaves.  I knew they were easy to propagate, but wow!  Lesson learned: when a fallen tree limb breaks off the stems & leaves don't fret - leave them where they lie.  Since I purged my kitchen cabinets and have bunches of extra coffee cups; I used them to pot some of the larger sedums and shared them with my neighbors.

Here's a little peak at the Toad House in my garden.  My mom gave it to me and it's one of my favorite garden surprises.  I like adding "garden jewelry" in fun places.

1 kind act:  share plant starters with neighbors.

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  1. The toad house is sooooo cute! Maybe someday you'll have a cute little toad take up residence in there :)


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