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Valentine sensation out of the bucket

I wonder if St. Valentine knew what a senstion he would stir in our modern world.  Of all the legends out there, I like the one that claims Saint Valentine defied the Emperor Claudius II by secretly performing marriages for soldiers.  And God bless the man who sent the first valentine. 

My hubs started our Valentine celebration last evening with flowers so I made our special week night dinner of steak, asparagas spears, roast corn cobs and gilled red pepper rings.  We were pretty stuffed, so tonight will be dessert night off Pinterest.  I'll be cooking up a beautiful heart pastry pinned from
Doesn't it look fabulous? 
PS.  Someone once told me how to remember if it is desert or dessert.  Desserts add pounds to our rear ends, so the word has an added s.  (If you have a Texas accent, S comes out sounding a bit like ass).

1 kind act:  Give a valentine to someone annonomously

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