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The first bucket - blogging

On my bucket list is starting a blog.  So today I'm pouring the stagnant water out of one of my buckets and putting some words in it to satisfy that goal.  The new goal for the first bucket is to share my thoughts and activities in a way that satisfies myself and might even entertain someone else who may stumble upon my blogs.  The advice I've read about blogging seems to lean toward a theme.  I wonder, can a brain that has so many different interests be a theme?  Perhaps I should sort out my brain in color codes (because I'm a habitual organizer too) or may be I need to paint my buckets and start dropping blog lines into them.  I like it.  My life is not monocromatic, so my buckets won't be either. 
Sometimes I feel a little bit like a bird dog. bird... focus...focus...squirrel... 
 I just noticed in the set up that I can choose my location.  I drug the map pin to hover over the general area where I live and the address that showed up is Mt. Calm.  I like it, think I need to move there. BTW, I live deep in the heart of Texas. I also changed the font to Helvetica because when I Googled it I enjoyed all the hype associated with the Helvetica fans.  Who knew a face type could have fans? That just tickles my funny bone. 
I have spent an entire afternoon reading all the links to starting your own blog and I still don't find a link to existing blogs from  other bloggers without leaving my blog.  I keep thinking I'll find something so I don't have to log out and go to the Google search bar.  Maybe someone will read this post and enlighten me on how this is done.  Be kind, don't hurt my fragile feelings...I might have to categorize you in one of my buckets.  Probably the rusty one.
I did search for a bucket photo and found a fabulous one by dondj2 that IS rusty and old and dented.  I pinned it to my garden board on Pinterest.  Yes, I am Pinterest adicted.  It feeds my consuming need to organize things. I may also have discovered I have a bucket fettish and start collecting them.

1 kind act:  Each day look for an opportunity to do one thing for someone else that might be noticed, but usually ignored or let go.


  1. Congrats again on emptying out the bucket and filling it with words!

    1. Thanks Cheri, it's turned out to be a really enjoyable part of my day.


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