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Mud Pies

Some memories stay with you forever. Like the time my dad took me and left my siblings home... to sell watermellons at the Dallas Farmer's Market in the 1950's. Leaning against those summer green melons and watching him slice a big slice of red juicy melon so customers would be enticed to buy one of their own.

My son text me (love today's technology) that he was spending some one on one time with his 4 year old daughter in his backyard making mud pies. Since he works long shifts as an EMT, she struggles with sharing his attention with her younger brother some days. Today was one of those days, so he let her choose an activity for the two of them and it happened to be making mud pies. They made mud pies and talked about some really important stuff, like why dogs stink and what makes a really cool clown. BTW, really cool clowns have red noses and floppy shoes. I didn't ask about the dogs...was TMI for me.

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