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For your convenience an Amazon affiliate link is included at no extra cost to you.  The Storyteller’s Secret by Sejal Badani was a revelation into my emotions I didn’t expect.  In a good way.  The fiction character Jaya could be any woman struggling with despair or loss.  She travels to India after three miscarriages, a failing marriage and estranged relationship with her mother to find out about her heritage and the culture.  It’s a wonderful story that will leave you smiling as her mother’s family secrets are revealed.

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Where’d You Go Bernadette book review and a Pink Penguin

I’d finished all the paper backs in my stash and was looking for a quick e-read until my next book arrived from Amazon. I had a list on Goodreads and liked the bright cartoonish cover on Where’d You Go Bernadette plus it has a good rating and isn’t a long book. Written from the viewpoint of a teenager looking for her mother, author Maria Sample’s writing style and words captured my interest on the first page and kept it.  Bonus: Sample was a TV fiction writer for Arrested Development, Mad About You and Ellen.


Cat Adoption Success Story with 9Lives and DIY Cat Tree

Disclosure: Cat adoption story with 9Lives and DIY Cat Tree.  This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser.  All opinions are mine alone #CelebratingMorris #CollectiveBias

When I learned of an opportunity to adopt two kittens from my cousin Adrienne with an unexpected litter of the most adorable yellow and calico kittens I immediately began to prepare for an easy transition.  From transition living quarters to setting up a feeding station for their 9Lives® cat food and a DIY cat tree to make our kittens love their new forever home, we wanted to be ready.  I’ve listed my pre adoption preparation and even included step by step instructions on how we put together an almost free cat perch/tree.

Cat-adoption-diy-cat-tree-9Lives #CelebratingMorris #CollectiveBias


Lavender Cookies

My lavender is blooming! I had dreamed of growing lavender that I could harvest for years so when hubs and I retired to a rural town in NW Texas I started my first plants.  I was very excited and made my first batch of home grown lavender cookies.  The cookies are lightly sweetened and have a soft lavender fragrance perfect for a special party or a private moment with hot tea. (Recipe below)


Craft Room Makeover

My craft room has been in need of a makeover since before we bought this 1956 fixer upper.  During the 1970’s the original homeowners put paneling in this room plus several others.  I’ve turned this dark and dated décor into a light airy space with an inexpensive paint make over without removing the paneling. This DIY home improvement is an easy and rewarding project a beginner or novice can accomplish in a long weekend under $100.

craft room make over


Frugal Iceland Vacation

Iceland was on my bucket list and now I can happily tell you about my  Icelandic adventure. My daughter and I traveled together to spend four days packed with Icelandic winter activities.  I’m sharing our travel plan, activity schedule, costs, and photos.  I can’t wait to share how I saw Iceland for under $2,000 with you!

Iceland church view


DIY Dry river bed and painting rock fish

Despite the heat and my lack luster energy, I slowly finished a dry river bed across the front of the house. Besides enhancing my garden view, its main purpose is to stop the eroding gulley effect around the drip line of our roof.  There are plants, rocks and a few garden animals along the “banks” and the grands painted some colorful rock fish to wait for the water to flow.  I’ll tell you how I created the river bed, how we painted the fish below. 
dry river bed w rock rish