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Lavender Cookies

My lavender is blooming! I had dreamed of growing lavender that I could harvest for years so when hubs and I retired to a rural town in NW Texas I started my first plants.  I was very excited and made my first batch of home grown lavender cookies.  The cookies are lightly sweetened and have a soft lavender fragrance perfect for a special party or a private moment with hot tea. (Recipe below)

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Craft Room Makeover

My craft room has been in need of a makeover since before we bought this 1956 fixer upper.  During the 1970’s the original homeowners put paneling in this room plus several others.  I’ve turned this dark and dated d├ęcor into a light airy space with an inexpensive paint make over without removing the paneling. This DIY home improvement is an easy and rewarding project a beginner or novice can accomplish in a long weekend under $100.

craft room make over


Frugal Iceland Vacation

Iceland was on my bucket list and now I can happily tell you about my  Icelandic adventure. My daughter and I traveled together to spend four days packed with Icelandic winter activities.  I’m sharing our travel plan, activity schedule, costs, and photos.  I can’t wait to share how I saw Iceland for under $2,000 with you!

Iceland church view


DIY Dry river bed and painting rock fish

Despite the heat and my lack luster energy, I slowly finished a dry river bed across the front of the house. Besides enhancing my garden view, its main purpose is to stop the eroding gulley effect around the drip line of our roof.  There are plants, rocks and a few garden animals along the “banks” and the grands painted some colorful rock fish to wait for the water to flow.  I’ll tell you how I created the river bed, how we painted the fish below. 
dry river bed w rock rish

DIY Portable Sand Box

The kids love playing in their new portable DIY sand box.  They helped me put it together in about 15 minutes and the best part it was cheap to make!  Cheap may have been my choice of best but I’m sure the kids will say the hours of playtime is their favorite part.  You only need two things to get started.

diy portable sand box


Frozen Fruit Smoothie For One

Most of the summer I sip iced tea while watching the grands do their thing around our tiny homestead.  They like iced tea too but sometimes it’s so hot and they are hungry for a frozen treat so I pull out my little bullet blender and make one smoothie at a time as requested.  The recipe is super simple and quick using four basic ingredients I always have on hand.  You can have one yourself in less than five minutes.

Frozen strawberry smoothie in mason jar by poolside


Six essentials for Movie Night on the Lawn

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     Once a month during the summer our rural community comes together on the lawn to watch movies. It's a free movie night where all you have to do is bring your own chair, snacks and drinks. There’s nothing quite like a group of people talking quietly on a starry night with the sounds of children laughing, crickets singing and the silence when the movie captures everyone’s attention. When we finally settle down from all the visiting and setting up our seating area for the movie I hand each child’s personalized movie on the lawn snack bag and we make new memories. In this post I’ll share with you how to prepare your own personalized summer snack bags and the essentials you’ll need for your outdoor events.