DIY Refinishing Wood Floors

We quickly decided to refinish the original oak floors ourselves when we discovered them under the old carpet in the 1956 Home Renovation project.   It has taken a couple of weeks to complete but only because there were walls, baseboards, five window frames, two doors and four panel shutter doors on the closet to be painted and a new ceiling fan to be installed.  The room is finally complete and the furniture is in place.  I’d say that even though we took our time (and several breaks) the job of refinishing wood floors was much easier than I expected. 
DIY refinish wood floors
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Upcycled antiques and display ideas

Hubs and I have going to auctions on our retirement “to do” list.  The first couple years we spent all our time renovating and preparing to sell our home of over 45 years and have been busy renovating our current home.  We are finally at a point we can enjoy going and doing some things on that list.  DIL brought by an auction notice that was only 15 miles away.  The description looked intriguing so we headed over to the neighboring town to check it out.  The upcycled projects and display ideas were worth the trip!
framed baby dress


How to get a beautiful perfectly peeled egg experiment.

Once upon a time I was a child bride who didn’t know very much about cooking.  Actually I sucked at it and some things I still have no talent making.  In particular I am a boiled egg failure.  As much as hubs and I love deviled eggs I never got those beautiful perfectly peeled eggs I see at church luncheons.  As much as I enjoy eggs in a variety of recipes I have not enjoyed the headache of getting an egg to peel cleanly.  With that in mind I headed to my Facebook page and asked for advice.  How do you boil your eggs so they peel easily?  The responses were varied and very informative. I experimented by trying out the suggested methods and am no longer a boiled egg failure.
boiled egg


A fresh Broccoli Grape Salad

A couple weeks ago I wrote about a luncheon I hosted with some old friends and mentioned one of them brought a Broccoli Grape Salad.  Well Kay, the salad maker, sent me the recipe and is graciously allowing me to share the recipe with you.  It is a super easy recipe that can be prepared in just a few minutes with only a few ingredients.  It’s a healthy salad that even the grands gobbled up.  I made a couple of substitutions to the dressing but had everything else I needed either in the fridge or pantry to make it. 
Broccoli Grape Salad