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Book Review–The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey

The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey is the beginning of a Science Fiction trilogy that I enjoyed reading a lot.  I had not read sci-fi in years but was drawn to it after seeing a movie trailer based on the book.  I went into it expecting a lot of action, a little romance and plenty of suspense, after all we already know there are two more books.  It is a book of survival after an alien invasion with lots and lots of questions as to how and why the invasion is taking place. Amazon links included.

The 5th Wave book meme with Casseopeia constellation background

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Make your own spice blend hacks

Adding spices to a recipe is really not difficult but sometimes it's nice to have a ready made blend.  I usually do this when a spice jar or two is almost empty and/or I'm cleaning out the pantry in one of my mad cleaning moments. All of the measurements are approximate.  You can increase or decrease any ingredient that is/or is not your favorite.  Here are a few of my favorite combos to keep for adding to soups, casseroles, tacos or salads.  


The Martian plus a potato recipe

I started reading the book just before it showed up On Demand within my satellite provider.  I started reading hurriedly so I could rent and watch the movie.  At the same time I had just participated in a potato recipe challenge.  Too bad the sequence of events hadn’t been a little different but I have a recipe in honor of this fun fiction story about an Earthling that inadvertently became a Martian.


Chickens and a Chicken House from recycled materials

So, Hubs wants to keep chickens and he started by building a chicken enclosure complete with nesting boxes from mostly recycled items we had on our little homestead.  I’m giving in and going with the idea we are homesteading in our fall and winter years of retirement.  I have to admit the chicken house and pen are pretty genius.



Family Fun Activities For A Week

I have several grandkids and one great grand that I get the privilege of entertaining during their spring break from school.  This year their weeks don’t happen at the same time but fortunately two of them live pretty close to me so they were able to play with great grand while he was here.  We had a lot of outdoor activities planned.  Gardening with kids, rock collecting, fishing, visits to Copper Breaks State Park, Red River, Red River Valley Museum, Abilene Zoo and a park. But mostly it was about building relationships.