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Elephant Dollar Origami

When I finished reading Leaving Time by Jodi Picoult I had to learn how to make an origami elephant from a dollar bill.  It shows up all through the book.  I also had to look up elephant sanctuaries which she gives a link to at the end of the book.  I have a new found respect for elephants and the people who take care of them.  I loved the book for so many reasons including the elephant connection but mostly because the end was a complete surprise to me.  I don't really believe in psychics but her novel makes me consider them with a different viewpoint than before. I usually pick up the hints early in a book on where the story is going but I did not see this one coming.

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Bound by Books linky plus DIY T-Shirt Crafts book give away

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Because August is only a day away (funny but I just heard Annie sing that as a musical line in my head!) The August Bound by Books link up is here.  July showed us some great literature recommendations and some fun book crafts.  I’m especially excited about this first week in August because my friend Adrianne Surian  of Happy Hour Projects just published her first craft book.  She is offering five lucky readers a copy of the book, and there's also an Instagram sweepstakes to win a pair of Fiskars® spring-loaded scissors!


A DIY small bathroom renovation and reveal

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I have finished both the guest bathroom and our master bathroom.  They are updated and slightly renovated.  I did most of it myself - DIY hubs changed out the toilets for me.  Those suckers are heavy!  Actually, we put new water saving toilets in the master and #3 bath.  The #2 guest bath toilet is still is good shape and matches the d├ęcor.  Here is a tour of the guest bath. 


Fried Peach Cobbler Fritters

One day I was commenting to my Aunt I love peaches and wishing I could work a trip to Weatherford Peach Festival in and the next day Brother In Law was bringing me a bucket of peaches!    He was riding a horse by an unoccupied house and saw a small peach tree so loaded with peaches the branches were breaking off.  He talked to the property manager and got permission to pick some peaches.  He doesn’t cook or eat them raw, but knew I’d like them.  How lucky am I?   They smell wonderful and the pink skins are so pretty. This morning the little grands are here for breakfast so I mixed up a fritter recipe plus some delicious juicy ripe peaches for a delectable breakfast that tastes like a bite of fried peach cobbler.  The best part is that they only take minutes to make.
fresh peaches


What book is on your nightstand?

It's too hot to do much outside which is where I'd like to be but sitting next to the large windows in our living room I can look out at the blue skies dotted with cotton ball clouds and the whirly jig in the garden that is suppose to deter veggie hungry critters turning in big gusts of hot wind.  The grass is fading from bright green to thirsty brown the way it always does this time of year in our plains area.  I also see a wasp flitting about on the covered porch looking for a new spot to build it's nest.  On the table by my chair lies the latest Jodi Picoult novel I'm reading, Leaving Time.  I only recently discovered this author and am anxious to read all her books.  My reading style has always been that of a skimmer, but not for her.  I find myself re reading descriptions and conversations that in most books I barely acknowledge.  The references to real places I'm slightly familiar with in a fictitious setting catch my attention.  I have to be mindful of the time or I will lose myself and dust will pile up on the furniture while the family scrounges for left overs in the fridge.
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