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Chocolate Pecan Pie Bar Cookies

Yesterday was a windy bleary day so I headed to the kitchen and baked.  I chose to update an old recipe that I believe originally came from BHG.  It combines my favorite pecan pie, sugar cookie and chocolate.   They are super easy to make and delightfully delicious. Hubs liked them so much I thought I might have to hide them!  P.S. look for more delicious chocolatey recipes in the Ultimate Chocolate Recipe Challenge at the bottom of this post.

Chocolate Pecan Pie Bar Cookie

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Tea party and paint party for girls

DIL and I had as much fun as the ten little girls who attended Girl Grands birthday celebration. DIL chose a Tea Party theme with a paint party activity.  She purchased some adorable tea party paper cups with saucers and lots of girly decorations.  I helped put up the decorations and my favorite part – bake.

tea party 2


Cat Loves Little Red Hen

Last spring hubs came home with some adorable baby chickens. One of them was smaller than the rest and was picked on.  Close to the end of summer brother in law brought me a feral cat someone had dumped near his property.  A best friend relationship began between Cat and Little Red Hen soon after that.


A Man Called Ove

Sometimes I feel like a man called Ove by Fredrik Backman.  I'd like to just disappear but "life" keeps getting in the way.  Those obligations to do the right thing, to take care of things because you should and in the end because it is worth it.  

Meme Quote from A Man Called Ove


6 Super Tasty Salsa Recipes

If you're hosting a casual get together, short notice you'll need some people pleasing food that doesn't look last minute.  I pulled up six of our favorite salsa recipes I originally pulled together for Cinco De Mayo because any any excuse to feature Mexican food is a good excuse to make a quick easy salsa that takes minutes to prepare from ingredients you probably already have on hand.  The salsas will be a great intro to some build your own tacos.  And heck, what's better for some Tailgaiting Football parties?

Salsa and dip recipes made in minutes


Nine Layer Dip in a jar

Turn on the TV for some manly sports and serve this SUPER easy, almost homemade and delicious dip in a jar.  The thing about party dip is the appeal quickly disappears as soon as a couple of servings are taken out of the beautiful presentation and the left overs aren’t so appetizing either.  That is one reason to make individual servings in a jar.  Some other great reasons are portion control, less mess, ease, you can be sure everyone gets some and extra’s are easy to send home with guests. This is also a technique
Nine layer dip in a jar


How to Clean Your House With Chart

If you hate crash cleaning but want to have a clean orderly home I have some helpful hints for you.  For me it started several decades ago with a book I read called Sidetracked Home Excecutives.  I learned how to spread out the chores so I never feel overwhelmed and don't need to spend days on crash cleaning.  There are every day chores, weekly chores, monthly chores and seasonal chores.