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Apple themed party with a DIY Apple Craft

A crisp breeze is blowing through the sky bringing fall smells with it.  Deep reds, oranges and yellows are showing in the landscape, I close my eyes and remember walking through an apple orchard to pick my own basket full.  I can hardly wait to sink my teeth into the juicy ripe red fruit.  I decided to  invite some friends over for a fall themed party featuring apples.  My theme was born out of an apple challenge and I will share with you a simply adorable and super easy apple craft I whipped together in about an hour plus a cider recipe.

DIY painted apple center piece w hot apple cider

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Broccoli with Monterrey Jack Queso

I readily admit that this food challenge to use broccoli in a new recipe beat me.  If I don’t nuke it in the microwave for a few minutes then I eat it raw with Ranch Dressing!  So to say the least I’m looking forward to seeing what the other challengers come up with.  Maybe I’ll cook it more often. Here’s what I do with broccoli in five minutes or less for a quick side dish or some added vegie to salad.
 Creamy Monterrey Jack Broccoli


Check Ballooning off the bucket list

I spent a wonderful week in the cool air of Colorado last week.  Hubs and I celebrated our anniversary in a balloon ride with an absolutely beautiful view of the Rockies.  We drove from Texas for seven hours to sleep in a nice hotel room so we could rise and shine at 6:00 AM.  That’s when we met the pilot and rest of our group in the hotel lobby.



Balsamic Strawberry Jam

A couple cups of strawberries from the grocery store produce isle and I visited in the kitchen today.  They landed in a pot with some Balsamic, sugar and lemon peel.  Half an hour simmering on the stove and a big spoon full on toast…I’m in strawberry heaven!  I started out thinking I’d make this for a brunch for friends but I may eat the entire half pint jar before then!  I know a couple of you are reading this right now, thinking…call me!   Girls, come on over and I’ll show you how to make this super easy recipe with some fresh strawberries, then we’ll eat another jar while we peruse over more strawberry recipes at the bottom of this post. 

Mouth watering Balsamic Strawberry jam


The BFG - a children's book to read aloud

I just spent 14.5 hours in a car with a six year old.  Insane, right?  Actually it went much better than I anticipated because I bought The BFG by Roald Dahl to read while we drove.  It was amazing!  The book kept his attention the entire trip.  My daughter and I took turns driving and reading.  When we put it down to rest our voices he couldn’t wait for us to start reading again!